USACE Comments Submitted on Behalf of CBCC and Save Coral Bay

letter-binders-discsIn addition to the thousands of letters submitted by individual opponents to the Summers End Group marina, and the comments submitted by federal agencies involved in the permit review process, an extensive dossier of comments was submitted by  Save Coral Bay in conjunction with the Coral Bay Community Council.

This body of comments, involving the work of literally hundreds of individuals, was compiled and organized by our team of pro bono environmental lawyers from Manko, Gold, Katcher & Fox ( and Sive, Paget & Riesel (  Our legal team – consisting of attorneys Rob Fox, Jonathan Rinde, Mark Chertok and Maggie Macdonald – provided invaluable assistance in putting together a compelling set of legal, environmental, and public policy arguments, all supported by expert testimony, explaining why the the permits requested by the Summers End Group must be denied.

Given the extraordinary volume of this material – a cover letter plus three thick printed binders plus three DVD discs – it isn’t possible to place the entire submission on this website.  We’ve extracted key pieces of the submission and have made them available for viewing as individual documents.  Here is what is currently available (click on the link to view the document):

  1. Legal Cover Letter and Summary of Expert Testimony
  2. Testimony of Dr. Dick Voith – Expert Report on Economic Feasibility
  3. Testimony of Dr. Dick Voith – Expert Report on Estimated Economic Impacts
  4. Report on St John Economic Impacts
  5. Alternatives Analysis – CBCC
  6. Coral Bay Biodiversity Comments – CBCC
  7. Testimony of Rafe Boulon – Expert Report on Ecosystem Impacts
  8. Testimony of James Robertson – Expert Report on Navigation and Marina Design
  9. Testimony of Dr. Sarah Gray – Expert Report on Water Quality
  10. Archaeological Comments – CBCC
  11. Testimony of Dr, Greg Skomal – Expert Report on Shark Habitat Impacts
  12. Report on General Environmental and Other Impacts (Esthetics, Sea Grass, Pilings, CZM)
  13. Report on Littoral Rights Boundaries
  14. Video Renderings of SEG Marina