Summer’s End Group (SEG) Mega Marina

If you’ve come to this page, you’ve probably already heard about the proposal by the Summer’s End Group to construct a MEGA MARINA in the heart of Coral Bay, St John, US Virgin Islands.

As residents of Coral Bay, we know how devastating this project would be to the waters, the land, and the people who live here.  The impacts to the environment and the tourism economy would be staggering.  Unfortunately, this project has made its way through the local Coastal Zone Management process without the type of review that a project of this magnitude is required to have.  The failure of local agencies to perform the functions required of them has prompted a large and diverse group of concerned citizens to band together in a grass roots movement to SAVE CORAL BAY.

This website is intended to provide the information that anyone might need to make up their own mind about whether the proposed mega marina should be allowed to proceed.  It is a collection of information and media resources, that will give you, the reader, as much or as little information as you require to make your own assessment of the impacts of this proposal.

On this site you will discover primary documents and information resources from a multitude of sources.  You will find:

  • Descriptive information about the location, history, and natural environment of St John
  • Documents published by the developer (The Summers End Group, LLC) describing the proposed marina
  • Legal documents, including the lawsuits filed against the CZM permits
  • Extensive information provided to the United States Army Corps of Engineers about the project impacts
  • Letters from residents, homeowners and visitors detailing their concerns about the impact of the proposal
  • Reports and letters from local and federal agencies with detailed comments on environmental impacts
  • Letters and articles published in local newspapers
  • Multimedia resources – photographs, videos, drawings – relating to the project and to Coral Bay

If you want to jump right in to a particular type of resource, here are some shortcuts into the site:

  • For background information on Coral Bay and St John, USVI, click here;
  • For an overall index of major events in the project history, click here;
  • For the comment letters from the Federal Agencies, click here;
  • For the administrative appeal of the local CZM decision click here;
  • For the legal appeal of the CZM and BLUA decisions click here;
  • For the online petition, click here;
  • For documents published by the developer (Summers End Group), click here;
  • For letters to the editor and newspaper articles, click here;
  • For multimedia (photographs, drawings, videos), click here;
  • For government and community agency reports, click here;
  • For press releases. click here.
  • For letters written by residents to the Coastal Zone Management committee, click here;

Our hope is that after reviewing this content you will reach your own conclusion about the suitability of this mega marina for Coral Bay harbor.  And if you should decide that you would like to assist in the protection of Coral Bay, please click on any of the “GoFundMe” links found throughout the site.

Thank you,

The Coalition to Save Coral Bay
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