The Sirius Marina (T-REX / Moravian Conference)

A New Year (2016) … And a NEW MARINA Proposed for Coral Bay …

The 2015 holidays are behind us and it’s time to get back to work to SAVE CORAL BAY from oversized, environmentally destructive development. This time it is a project by Sirius Development, LLC, also known as T-REX, proposed for development on lands owned by the Moravian Conference.

In these pages we will try to give you all of the information you need to form your own opinion about the potential benefits, and the potential problems with this hotel and marina complex. We begin by simply explaining what is being proposed by Sirius, it’s scale and location, and what the larger picture is of their overall marina development plan. We then discuss some specifics about the project and critical questions that need to be answered in order to understand the impacts (positive and negative) of the proposal. Our objective is to provide the regulatory agencies with a comprehensive list of topics that must be fully addressed in order to reach an opinion on the desirability, or not, of this project. And yes, we are talking about more letter writing. This is how the regulatory agencies operate, as we well know.

For more details on this project, click on the links below:

Sirius Hotel and Marina Overview – Part 1:  The Marina

Sirius Hotel and Marina Overview – Part 2:  The Hotel and Resort

Sirius Project – Part 3:  Questions and Concerns

SAVE CORAL BAY for future generations … please