CZM Letters – Impact on Tourism

The letters in this section are from people who either own vacation rental property in Coral Bay, or who are frequent visitors to St. John.

Common reasons for writing include:

  • The marina will harm tourism in Coral Bay and St. John.
  • Tourists visit Coral Bay for the peace and quiet and rural atmosphere.
  • The marina will change the nature of Coral Bay.
  • Many tourists will not return.
  • Coral Bay is just fine the way it is.
  • People will post on Travel Forums, and others won’t come.

Melissa Newell, Frequent Visitor: If you build it, we won’t come. We won’t visit there. We won’t buy a home there. We won’t bring our business there. And I bet that thousands of people who visit St. John every year would agree with me.”  cb-triangle-signs

The entrance to Coral Bay.
A local farmer often sells goods at the small table.
The rural atmosphere draws people here.